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gMax 2 PRO

The gMax 2 PRO 3D Printer

The Advanced Performance, Workhorse 3D Printer. 

Ultra High Precision Performance Extruder

Power Loss Recovery Module

Filament Runout Detection

81-Point UBL for Repeat Performance

40 Micron Layer Height Resolution 

Travel Speeds Up To 250mm/sec

Print Up To 450°C (with Slice Engineering Hotend Option)

Vast Array of Material Capabilities

With an extensive, ever-growing filament materials settings library. 

The New 18" x 18" Heated Build Plate Set

Unmatched size and capabilities. The possibilities are endless. 

Glass Fiber Reinforced Resin Build Plate

The flatness of glass without the fragility. 

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800W Heated Bed

Set your bed temperatures up to 120°C. 

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Solid State Relay

Genuine FoTek SSR with custom designed steel grounded enclosure. Unparalleled temperature regulation and stability.  

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Choose Your Preferred Slicing Engine

Extensive, updated slicing profiles for the most popular and widely used slicing engines. 

Best In Class Controller and UX

32-Bit ARM Cortex Processor

Silent TMC-2130 Stepper Drivers

Full-Color Touchscreen 

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