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Metal Filament Spool Bracket

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This powder coated aluminum bracket mounts to the top of your gMax printer and is strong enough to hold 5kg spools with ease. The bracket is made of 3/16" thick aluminum with a 5" cantilever steel arm covered in a PTFE sleeve. This unique design provides just the right amount of friction yet is smooth enough to allow the spool to unwind with ease. The bracket can also be rotated to hold extra large spools.

The bracket mounts to standard 80/20 rails with a knob and t-nut. The bracket can support up to two standard spools depending on the spool design and you can mount several brackets to your printer for easy filament storage.

Product Contains:

  • Fully Assembled Metal Filament Spool Bracket
  • 3-Arm Knob and T-Nut

Please note the orientation of the bracket when installing to ensure the extruder will not hit it when printing tall objects.

Made in the USA 

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Metal Filament Spool Bracket

Metal Filament Spool Bracket

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