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MK7 Drive Gear

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This drive gear is made from hardened steel and has very sharp teeth which will ensure your extruder has plenty of grip.

gMax 2 printers and gMax 1.5+ printers after 2017, shipped with this drive gear.

Note: For printers containing a different drive gear, you may have to adjust the number of steps in the firmware. The new extruder steps are 93.86 steps/mm. If using Marlin 1.1.1 or later, this can be done from the LCD menu and saved to the memory otherwise the firmware must be uploaded from our website.

To update via LCD menu on Marlin
Go to Control > Motion and scroll to the bottom to E steps. After changing this value make sure to go to Control > Store Settings

Product Contains:

  • MK7 Drive gear
  • Hex Key for drive gear


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MK7 Drive Gear

MK7 Drive Gear

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